how to order your ketubah

now accepting orders for weddings on or after:

{ May 20, 2018 }

Gather your info:

When you have decided on your ketubah design and text, download this form and fill it out as completely as possible. I recommend reviewing the information for accuracy with your rabbi. I can transliterate English names if there are no existing Hebrew names for some or all of the parties.

Submit your info:

Submit your completed order form and send payment. I won’t be able to proceed until I have received both your information and your payment.

Review your proof:

Within two weeks from the date I receive your order, I’ll send you an email with a proof of the text you requested for your approval. Please be sure to check the text, especially the personalized information, carefully for mistakes. If you find an error, let me know and I will send you an updated version to review.

Approve your proof:

Once I receive the final approval from you, I will begin crafting your ketubah. If any further changes are requested after this point, they will incur additional fees. Your ketubah will be shipped within two weeks of your approval, and the package will require your signature.

pricing options

ketubah prices:

15” h x 11” w (no personalization)…………………………$200
16” h x 16” w (no personalization)………………………...$225
custom text (typesetting & translation)……………………$150

shipping & handling

standard (2 to 3 business days)…………………………...$25
(for shipping details, read our faq)

payment form

This form determines payment amount only - your design and text choices should be indicated on the order form.

Ketubah payment options:

Send payment:

You will be sent to the PayPal website to complete your transaction. You do not need to have a PayPal account; you can use your credit card to finish the process.

text options:

Standard Texts:

Reform 1 { printable pdf }
Reform 2 { printable pdf }
Interfaith { printable pdf }
Conservative { printable pdf }
Orthodox { printable pdf }

* Paragraphs from any of my texts may be combined at no additional charge. For example, a Secular text can be fashioned by combining the first two paragraphs of either Reform text and the last paragraph of my Interfaith text. In addition, all texts are available for same-sex couples.

Custom Text:

You are welcome to submit your own text, whether it’s English, Hebrew or both. I can translate your text, or pair your English text with one of my Hebrew texts. There are many options, and I can help you decide what’s best for you. To learn more about custom text, see the FAQ or contact me to discuss your individual needs.

faq: ordering

How long before our wedding should we order our ketubah?

For a ketubah with personalized text, the ordering process takes about 4 weeks. Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for a ketubah with custom text. This includes the time for you to gather and submit the information to personalize your ketubah, review your proof, and have your ketubah prepared and sent to you with some time to spare before your wedding day. Exact timing depends on how quickly I receive your completed order form and payment.

If you are ordering a ketubah without personalization, allow 2 weeks for production and shipping.

What if our wedding is less than 4 weeks away?

Depending on how soon your wedding is and how quickly you can send me your completed order form, I may be able to rush your order for an added fee. Or you can order a ketubah without personalization. Contact me to let me know your needs and we’ll see what we can work out together.

Do you take orders outside the USA?

I currently only accept orders shipping within the United States & Canada. My apologies to all those who live elsewhere.

How do we pay you?

I accept payment online via paypal, which is very secure. If you’re not comfortable ordering online, contact me and we can work out another payment method. I will not begin crafting your ketubah until I receive your payment, so you’ll need to take postal timing into consideration if you mail me a check.

How will our ketubah be shipped?

Your ketubah will be carefully wrapped and shipped flat between 2 pieces of foam board and padded inside of a box. It will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 day service), and someone will need to be available to sign for the package when it arrives.

faq: texts

What is personalization?

Personalization is what makes your ketubah uniquely yours. Using your specific names, the date and location of your wedding, and a few other details, I fill in the blanks for you to make a seamless printed text for your ketubah. In order for me to do this, you’ll have to fully and accurately complete the order form with all of your personal information.

Can we make some changes to your standard texts?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that a few minor changes (like switching a word or two or combining paragraphs from two different texts) can be managed at no additional charge, but more extensive revisions will be priced as custom text. That leads to the following information…

Can we write our own text?

Sure, you can. Custom text requires typesetting & adjusting the design to accomodate your language, so I ask that you try to keep your English text to about 200 words. In addition, I will have your English professionally and poetically translated into Hebrew to keep your ketubah consistent. If you aren’t planning to use Hebrew, you can write a longer English text (up to about 500 words).

Do you offer texts for same sex couples?

Absolutely. All of my texts are available for same sex couples. On your order form, circle “bride” or “groom” for both individuals and fill everything out the same way you would otherwise. I’ll make sure that the Hebrew language is gendered appropriately on your ketubah.

How does pricing work for different text options?

The base price of a ketubah does not include personalization. If you order your ketubah this way, all of the areas that require your name, the date and location of the wedding, etc. will be left blank for you and your rabbi to fill out by hand.

If you pay for personalization, I will typeset your names, the date and location of your wedding, and whatever other details are required to accurately complete your text in both Hebrew and English. Transliteration is also included. When you get your ketubah, the details will be seamlessly interated into the text.

If you want more than a few minor changes (like switching a word or two, combining paragraphs from various standard texts) to one of my existing texts, you’ll be charged for a custom text.

How do we enter our Hebrew names on your order form?

When you fill out the order form, you can either spell your names in Hebrew letters or transliterate (spell phoenetically) the Hebrew with English letters. If you don’t have a Hebrew name, I will place a transliteration of your English name into the Hebrew text.

Do you need the names of our witnesses?

No, I only need to know how many witnesses you will have. Typically, two witnesses and an officiant sign the ketubah.

faq: design & craft

What materials do you use to make your ketubot?

Each ketubah design is cut from several layers of high quality, acid-free, responsibly produced paper and the text is printed with archival inks. All of these materials have been tested for longevity and have good aging properties.

Can changes be made to your ketubah design?

A lot of thought and work has been put into the creation and production of the designs. Therefore, I am generally hesitant to make changes. However, if you are set on tweaking one of my designs, contact me with your request and I will see what I can do.

If you like one of my designs, but would like more color options, contact me and I can send you paper samples for a small fee. Because each ketubah is made to order, custom color combinations are available at no extra charge (Please note that the palette is limited to colors that I stock from Mohawk’s eco-friendly line). Before I produce your ketubah, I will ask you to approve a digital proof that simulates your custom colors. Keep in mind that these extra steps may increase turnaround time, as shipping and additional communication is required.

Do you do custom designs by commission?

Absolutely. If you like my aesthetic and have something in mind that better captures the spirit of your relationship than what you see here, contact me and we can talk about options. Pricing and time-frame will have to be negotiated on a case by case basis as the intricacy of custom designs may vary widely.

Why do the colors on our ketubah look different from the ones we saw on the computer screen?

Color varies widely between computer monitors, so despite my best efforts to provide the most accurate representations of the designs, it’s possible (probable, even) that the colors you see on your screen may be slightly different from the colors you will see in person. If you would like to see the colors in person before you purchase a ketubah, contact me and I can send you paper samples for a small fee.

faq: care and handling

How should we handle the ketubah during our wedding?

Your can safely transport your ketubah in its packaging. It is secured with photo corners to an acid-free backing, wrapped in plastic, and shipped flat between two pieces of foam core. It can be carefully removed for your signing (please note that the keubah is made of several layers of intricately cut paper that are not fully secured to one another to allow for the play of light and shadow, so be gentle when taking it in and out of the plastic wrapper) and can easily be displayed on an easel during your ceremony.

If you prefer to frame your ketubah before the wedding, let your framer know that you’ll need to easily be able to remove and refit it. He or she should be able to instruct you about how to do this for your signing.

What type of pen should we use to sign our ketubah?

Use the archival ink pen that is included with your ketubah to be sure that your signatures will last as long as your artwork.

How should we frame our ketubah for hanging?

Most framers stock and use archival materials. Make sure to request conservation framing; ask for acid-free, non-buffered, archival matting and UV protective glass. In order to best protect your ketubah from fading, even with UV protective glass, hang it somewhere that it won’t be subjected to consistent direct sunlight.

Do you offer ketubah framing?

I do not currently offer ketubah framing through Love by Leya, though I am a picture framer. If you live in the Philadelphia / Central Jersey area, and would like me to frame your ketubah, let me know and we can work something out.

faq: the nitty gritty

What if there is a mistake in our ketubah’s text?

If you approved the text and I made a mistake afterwards, you will receive a replacement at no extra charge.

If the mistake was in the proof and you didn’t catch it, I can create a new printed text, but you will need to pay a fee for the replacement and cover the shipping costs. Please check your proof carefully, with more than one set of eyes. I recommend going over it with your rabbi before giving me the green light to create your ketubah.

What if we need to make changes after we place our order?

You may unexpectedly need to change the details of your order (e.g. the design, color, personalization information). Because your ketubah is custom made for you, please understand that changes may result in additional work and expenses on my end. Therefore, I may have to charge an additional fee depending on when you request the change.

Can we cancel or return a ketubah?

If you cancel before I send your personalized text for proofing, I will refund the cost of the ketubah and shipping. If you cancel after I send your personalized text for proofing, there will be a cancellation fee of $50. Once you have approved your text, the sale is final and your ketubah cannot be returned because it was custom made for you.

What if our ketubah arrives damaged?

The packaging I use to ship your ketubah is extremely protective and sturdy. However, if your ketubah arrives damaged, I will quickly replace it at no charge. Please save the damaged art and packing material so that I can make the appropriate insurance claim with the shipper.

about: who is leya?

Hi. I’m Lauren Rosenthal, an artist, environmentalist, unyielding optimist and complete sucker for love. Leya (which should really be spelled Leah, and is pronounced “lay-ah”) is my Hebrew name. I’m Love by Leya’s founder, owner, designer, collector, fabricator, business manager, and…yes, this is currently a one woman show. Though I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, my heart lives on the Haw River in North Carolina, where I organized a traveling environmental education initiative for several years before going back to school for an MFA in interdisciplinary art from UNC, Chapel Hill. I currently live, work and play on the Delaware River in Lambertville, NJ and draw inspiration from long runs on along its banks.

You can see my fine art here. It’s been published in several books, including Denis Wood’s, Rethinking the Power of Maps and Bill Fick & Beth Grabowski’s textbook, Printmaking.

about: environmental commitment

Love by Leya’s commitment to the environment is unique among ketubah designers:

My cut paper designs are made with sustainably harvested and processed papers sourced from Mohawk Fine Paper, a New York-based company with rigorous environmental standards that is 100% wind-powered.

My packaging is made of biodegradable corn-based and post-consumer waste plastics and recycled papers & cardboard wherever possible.

In addition to fine paper products, Love by Leya is offering vintage & upcycled accessories as a way of keeping goods that have already been produced in circulation and out of landfills, reducing the energy used to make new things. Visit my etsy shop to see these lovely little relics.

I am also currently putting plans in place to give a percentage of Love by Leya’s profits back to the planet by donating to environmental organizations. Check back soon for more details.

about: where to find us

{ retail locations }

Calligraphics Gallery
7410 Woodlawn Avenue
Elkins Park, PA 19027

If you are interested in carrying my ketubot in your shop, drop me a line.

{ events }

Borrowed, a wedding show for the creative “I Do.”
Sunday April 1, 2012, 1 - 5pm @ the American Visionary Art Museum
800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230